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Work In Progress

2013-10-22 10:36

As we commenced 2017 we found ourselves working on numerous major PortMiami projects encompassing numerous aspects of cargo operations. We also realized completion of numerous projects which we list below. Currently, we find ourselves working on numerous projects which are listed below which we include their status in parenthesis;

  1. Corrosion Removal, Repairs and Painting of Crane 4-5-6 (on-going)
  2. Management, Operations and Maintenance Software Integration (in progress)
  3. Crane Network Connectivity (ABB, CBA, temp-hold)
  4. Installation of New Mechanics Trailer (in progress)
  5. Additional New Crane Procurement (in progress)
  6. Install Pole and US Flag on Crane 10 (scheduled for the summer 2017)
  7. Refurbishments of Cranes 4-6: BH Sheaves, MH Drum Couplings and Trolley Re-alignments (in progress)
  8. (in progress)
  9. Replacement of Trolley Rails at Hinge area Crane 8 (scheduled for the Fall 2017)
  10. (in progress)
  11. Corrosion Removal and Repair of Cranes 7-10 (scheduled for Winter 2018)
  12. Painting of Cranes 7-10 (scheduled for Spring 2018)


  1. Painting of SPN Cranes 1-2-3 (Champion, completed)
  2. Project Management, design & fabrication of New Cranes 13-16 (ZPMC, completed 2013-July-10)
  3. Relocation of Cranes 4-5-7 to Wharf 6 (Konecranes, Completed 2013-July-18)
  4. Design and fabrication of new 65LT Separating Spreaders (ZPMC, completed 2013-July-10)
  5. Independent Third Party Inspection Services (WCS, completed 2013-July-10)
  6. Corrosion Removal and Warranty Painting Cranes 11-12 (ZPMC, completed)
  7. Transportation of SPN Cranes 1-2-3 to Barranquilla, Colombia (BCT, Liftech & GRT, completed 2013-September-7)
  8. Unloading and Commissioning of New Cranes 13-16 (GBB, ZPMC, Cargotec, Eller-ITO, completed 2013-Nov-30)
  9. Condition Survey of Cranes 4-12 (CCI, completed 2014-May-6)
  10. Strengthening of Gantry Bulkhead, Crane Rail Support beam and tie-downs for new cranes (Odebrecht, completed 2014-May-7)
  11. Crane 7-8-9-10 Boom Hoist Rope Replacement; purchase Request to buy ropes issued (Consolidated Rigging, completed 2014-May-14)
  12. Installation of new Administration Trailer (completed 2015-Jan-5)
  13. Structural Repairs of Crane 12 WS Pylon Backstay (completed 2015-July-29)
  14. Cranes 11-12 Clean and Repair Hydraulic Anti-snag System (completed 2015-Nov-11)
  15. Repair of Z24 due to Crane 7 Accident  (ALM Machine Shop, completed 2014-May-14)
  16. Structural Repairs of Crane 11-12 FCM-Backstay (completed 2015-Nov-11)
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