As 2018 commenced we are in Highgear working on numerous major PortMiami projects encompassing all aspects of cargo operations including assisting the Port with its cargo terminal relate projects. Some of these projects have been completed such as the Port’s procurement of the Crane Program Engineering Services which was awarded to Paul Bridges and Associated (PBA) and Cranes 4-5-6 Corrosion Repairs and Painting. As such, we find ourselves working on numerous projects which are listed below which we include their status in parenthesis;


  1. Management and Maintenance Initiative (on-going)
  2. New STS Cranes (on-going)
  3. Crane Network Connectivity (ABB, CBA, on-going)
  4. Installation of new StorageTrailer (Initial Engineers, on-going)
  5. Install Pole and US Flag on Crane 10 (scheduled for the Spring2018)
  6. Replacement of Trolley Rails at Hinge area Crane 9 (scheduled for the Spring 2018)
  7. Corrosion Removal and Repairs of Crane 4-5-6 (Interior and Misc) (on-going)
  8. NDT,Corrosion Removal and Repair of Cranes 7-10 (scheduled for Winter 2018)
  9. Painting of Cranes 7-10 (scheduled for Spring 2018)