Request for Quotation: PMCM RFQ 2014.0311, Installation of Office Trailer; Hookups –  Trailer Size 36′ X 72′

Deadline to Submit Proposal: March 18, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST

Sealed Bids – Instructions: Sealed bids in accordance with Florida Statue Chapter 287 shall be delivered by 4:00 PM EST on the closing date (deadline) to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., at 2886 Port Boulevard; Miami, Florida 33132 Attn: Terrence Kelsey

Solicitation: Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM, aka Crane Management) is seeking a qualified contractor with the experience in Miami-Dade County on the responsibilities of coordinating and installation of office trailer lease equipment from Modspace. To complete all building, electrical, plumbing and occupancy work and permits.

Site visit will be on 03/13/2014 @ 10:00 AM at 2886 Port Boulevard. Please contact me at for instructions on gaining entry into the port.

All interested experienced and qualified companies are encouraged to contact Crane Management to obtain the RFQ package copy, which will be provided in a “PDF” Format via e-mail. The package can be directly obtained by forwarding an e-mail request to Terrence Kelsey