July 31, 2020: As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the global community, we want to update you, our valued customers and partners, as to the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity and the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

Based on the guidance and directives from our Federal, State, and County Governments as well as PortMiami coupled with our enhanced internal protocols and procedures, we have updated and implemented our Business Continuity Plan with the specific steps to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our office staff has been divided in three (3) groups. One (1) which performs work from home, and two (2) groups (Teams) that are in rotation working from the office. All office personnel can perform work at home as they have been issued laptops and can remotely access our servers. The ILA Mechanics who maintain and insure the cranes are running at maximum efficiency, who are the “heart” of our operations, have been assigned to different start times to of-set their meal hours avoiding large groups in the pre-work meeting, lunchroom, locker room and work setup in the shop area.

Here below are some of the basic protocols we are following to insure our safety and continuity of work, I urge others to follow these guidelines as well;

  • Do not come to PortMiami if you are not feeling well or believe you may have been exposed to someone confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus. Please opt for caution if you are unsure.
  • All employees are having their temperature taken prior to entering the facility.
  • All office employees shall stay within their individual work zone.
  • No visitors are accepted at our facility and/or offices.
  • Maintain social distancing: 6 feet distance between yourself and colleagues.
  • Wear N95 respirator mask in an enclosed environment (offices and vehicles).
  • Wash your hands frequently and use alcohol-based sanitizer (60% alcohol or more) when soap and water are unavailable.
  • Use antimicrobial wipes to frequently clean shared surfaces.
  • Each crane operator’s cabin interior and chair are to be sanitized before any crane operator starts ship LO-LO work.
  • Cover your coughs and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue paper and dispose of tissues properly.
  • Managers, Gantry Crane Foremen and Gantry Crane Technicians are now regulated to individual vehicle use ONLY.
  • The cancellation of non-essential meetings in the office for the next 30 days.
  • Essential meetings are to convene in open environments.
  • PPEs have been issued and the inventories of critical PPEs are being maintained.
  • Staying vigilant and alert specifically of those not following protocols.

It goes without saying that, in the current environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are priority. This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and as the situation changes daily our management continues to adapt. Note that we at Crane Management are committed to maintaining our business operations, to supporting PortMiami and its valuable stakeholders, and ensuring our customers continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc.