Design of Cranes 13-16 Commences

Upon the County issuing the NTP to ZPMC in February 2012, the preliminary design of the cranes commenced. During the week of April 9-13 the first design review meeting was help in ZPMC's Shanghai office. In attendance were the County, Crane Management, Shaw (GBB),...

Electrification of Cranes 7-10 (Updates)

May 1, 2012 Update: The commissioning of of the PFCs of Cranes 4-6 commenced on ???, ???, 2012. Crane 4 commissioning was completed on  ???, ???, 2012. All 3 cranes should be completed by ???, ???, 2012. Thereafter, we will commence removal of the diesel engines power...

New Super Cranes for the Port of Miami

The Port of Miami is setting itself to procure four (4) new Super Post-panamax STS Gantry Cranes this fall from ZPMC to be delivered by early 2013. The cranes are to have the highest lift (43 m) under spreader from dock level as well as the farthest outreach (68 m) in...




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