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 Currently, Crane Management operates from its Maintenance Facility located on the eastern-most end of Lummus Island of Port Miami, next to Biscayne Bay Pilot station. We have relocated to the SFCT Building at 2650 Port Boulevard, 2nd Floor in spacious new office thanks to PortMiami.

Our highly qualified staff of professionals and technical personnel has numerous years of experience on ship-to-shore gantry crane design, engineering, fabrication, retrofits, management, maintenance, repairs and operations.

PMCM Personnel 
Office Main Telephone No.: (305) 381-6250, 6263, 6255 or 8832, + extension
Office hours are M-F 6:00am to 3:30pm
Shop hours are M-F 6:00 am to 3:00pm
Dispatch Office is operational 24/7/365 during ship work hours.


Ed Bello Chief Executive Officer    (c) 786-295-3183 x-206
Keisha Hodge Human Resources Manager x-203
Manuel Cabrera Director of Operations   (c) 786-232-5549 x-204
Alejandro Natera Director of Corporate Management   (c) 786-961-5482 x-201
Bing Lin Technical Manager  (c) 786-251-9353 x-202
Bo Yancy Equipment Manager  (c) 786-862-2562 x-227
Humberto Fuentes Crane Maintenance Manager  (c) 786-599-4095 x-209
Roberto Batista Safety and Operation Manager   (c) 786-872-2950 x-222
Rony Rodriguez Projects Manager x-226
Vacant Project Manager x-224
Thalia David Management Assistant x-221
Elba Mateo Operations Administrator x-205
Vacant Maintenance Supervisor
Dee Calvert Project Assistant x-224
Caren García Project Administrator x-228
Tom Opfar Maintenance Foreman (c) 786-295-0335 x-207
Rick Pruett Maintenance Foreman    (c) 786-201-3213 x-213
Waldo Tapanes Maintenance Foreman    (c)  786-295-2286 x-214
Crane Ops Dispatch Mechanics Trailer x-215
Luis Arroyo VIT Managers, IT Contractor    (c) 786-269-9826  

Administrative Support – Seaport Personnel
Main No.: (305) 347-4800 (office hours are M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Andrew Warburton Assistant Port Director, Finance 305-960-5432
Gyselle Pino Chief of Procurement 305-347-4808
Jose Jerez Assistant Controller 305-960-5432
Jose Luis Posada Seaport Crane Project Manager 305-381-6250
Patricia Thomas Risk Management 305-960-5440
Terrence Kelsey Purchasing 305-381-6250, x-210
Alessa Torres Contracts 305-347-4921
Safety and Security 305-347-4804
David Faluade Crane Contract Administrator/AP 305-347-4817
David Fung-On Accounting 305-347-4822




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