Crane 4-5-6


Cranes 4, 5 & 6  are Kocks “H” frame, high-profile luffing-boom type cranes were delivered in the late 1980’s. Cranes 7, 8, 9 & 10 were the first  ZPMC cranes operational in the USA, and, the first major order for ZPMC and to the western hemisphere. All seven (7) cranes have been converted from diesel generated power to electrical that work on 13.2 KV from underground electrical pits along the wharves.  Cranes 4-6 operated ABB DCS600 retrofitted drives with AC410 Advant Controller with CMS 7, while Crane 7-10 operate ABB Tyrak Midi II with AC410 Advant Controller with CMS. Below are these cranes’ specifics;

Under Spreader, Single Lift 50LT
Under Spreader, Twin Lift 50LT
Under Cargo Beam 70LT
Outreach from waterside rail 46.1 m 151 ft
Backreach from landside rail, boom extended 25.9 m 85 ft
Hoisting height from top of WS rail to underside of spreader 30.4 m 100 ft
Total hoisting height 45.7 m 150 ft
Vertical clearance under portal beam 15.2 m 50 ft
Clear width between legs 18.3 m 60 ft
Out to out of gantry bumpers (bumper-to-bumper) can work every 2 bays. 32.8 m 107.5 ft
Setback from face of bulkhead 4.6 m 15 ft
Setback from outer face of fender 7.0 m 23 ft
Operating Speeds:
Hoisting with empty spreader 131.7 m/min 432 ft/min
Lowering with empty spreader 131.7 m/min 432 ft/min
Hoisting with 50LT spreader 42.6 m/min 140 ft/min
Lowering with 50LT spreader 51.2 m/min 168 ft/min
Hoisting with 70LT under cargo beam 30.4 m/min 100 ft/min
Lowering with 70LT under cargo beam 30.4 m/min 100 ft/min
Trolley travel 153.0 m/min 500 ft/min
Gantry travel 46.0 m/min 150 ft/min




Port Readiness Condition:
Crane Readiness Condition: