Continually striving for Excellence and Customer Satisfaction by providing the Proactive Operations and preventive Maintenance


All 13 Port Miami cranes are operational except Crane 4 which we are waiting on long lead parts for the Trolley. Cranes 4-5-6 refurbishments are well underway and will be complete in 2019; Phase 1 and 2 are complete. Phase 3 is in the scheduling stage. Hurricane season ended on November 30. Now as we enjoy the Holidays (Merry Christmas), we are getting ready for the new year 2019.



Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM, AKA “Crane Management”) continually strive for excellence and customer satisfaction by providing the proactive operations and preventive maintenance. Our staff’s primary mission and goal is to meet and surpass the needs of Port Miami’s customers by providing the best quality management and technical services that result in greater crane efficiency while insuring the safety of the employees: SAFETY FIRST.

We have modified our website to a responsive mode and currently we are making slight modifications and changes. If you find something inappropriate, please inform us. We do apologize for any inconvinience.


New STS Cranes for Port Miami

The New STS Cranes tender for Port Miami solicitation was advertised on February 1, 2018 and proposals were received on April 27, 2018. The tender was posted on BidSync where the Tender Documents, the RFP can be reviewed and downloaded. If there are any questions,...

Operating and Maintenance Efficiency Initiative kicks into High Gear

The initiative to improve operations and maintenance kicks into high gear as the new cranes is added to the Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP).

Container Cargo Increases beyond expectations

As of April 2015 container throughput has greatly increased by over 20%. Cranes 11-16 are being in use most of the times as they can work any ship in the industry. Our services continue to bring larger vessels stacking up to 8-high on deck. However, most important of...

The New Gantry Cranes Arrive

After nearly three (3) months of half uneventful journey with numerous treacherous weeks of storms and high seas, the Zhen Hua 13 (ZH13) proudly entered Miami Harbor on October 7, 2013. The South Florida committee and Port Miami Port Miami proudly welcomed the ship...


RFP 2018.05 Relocation of PortMiami Gantry Crane 8

Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., is soliciting for Proposers to relocate gantry crane 8 currently located on Wharf 3 on the South side of the Lummus Island container terminal. Proposers are solicited to submit their qualifications, experience and proposed method...

Cranes 4-5-6 Reconditioning and Refurbishment

Cranes 4-5-6 are currently the oldest STS Gantry Cranes at PortMiami which were placed into operations in 1988. In 2005 the cranes were electrified by replacing the diesel generator power by installing new 13.2KV shore power. Soon after, the cranes' drive and...

Management and Maintenance Initiative

As part of the normal operating procedures the Company management commissioned several assessment to include a maintenance audit. Upon the results and its review, the CEO and Board established a framework to develop an action plan and...

Work In Progress

As 2018 commenced we are in Highgear working on numerous major PortMiami projects encompassing all aspects of cargo operations including assisting the Port with its cargo terminal relate projects. Some of these projects have been completed such as the Port's...

Work in Progress

As we progress in our work we are at peek performance with little or no crane downtime. We continue to assist with the new PortMiami procurement amongst other Port projects such as gantry crane rail replacement, and, reconfiguring our maintenance facilty, Cranes 4-5-6 interior corrosion removal, repairs and painting, and numerous other projects; Work in Progress.