Cranes 4-5-6 Reconditioning and Refurbishment

Cranes 4-5-6 are currently the oldest STS Gantry Cranes at PortMiami which were placed into operations in 1988. In 2005 the cranes were electrified by replacing the diesel generator power by installing new 13.2KV shore power. Soon after, the cranes' drive and...

Management and Maintenance Initiative

As part of the normal operating procedures the Company management commissioned several assessment to include a maintenance audit. Upon the results and its review, the CEO and Board established a framework to develop an action plan and initiative to address and resolve...

Work In Progress

As we commenced 2024 with COVID-19 behind us, we are in High-gear working on numerous major PortMiami projects encompassing all aspects of the cranes refurbishments and new supporting infrastructures for the new cranes. These projects are listed below: ON-GOING...

New STS Cranes for Port Miami

The New STS Gantry Cranes technical specifications was augmented with new technology requirements. The solicitation tender package is being finalized PortMiami to procure four (4) new cranes with and option of four (4) additional cranes, parts and equipment.  ...


Pressure Clean and Paint Cranes 7, 8, 9 & 10

As Cranes 7-10 had not been re-painted previously, Miami Dade County requested to paint Cranes 7-10 expeditiously including removal of OEM signs and painting the new PortMiami logos. In addition, the crane test weight water tank PMCM logo was painted by the signage...

New Gantry Cranes 13-16

  Upon issuance of RFP No. 750 by Miami Dade County, evaluation of proposals and recommendation to award, the Board of County Commissioners approved award of Contract No. 750 to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., (ZPMC) on November 15, 2011 for the...

Electrification of Cranes 7-10 and Repairs

The 2011 electrification project is designed to complete the Electrification of the Port of Miami Gantry Cranes which project commenced in 2004; known as Phase 1. During Phase 1 the required equipment was mounted and installed on cranes 4-10 but due to scheduling and...

New Cranes 11-12

Several years in the making, cranes 11-12 have been procured by Miami-Dade County Port of Miami to provide its customers with the require service for the new millennium. These cranes are designed with our customer's requirements in mind of their future...

Relocation of Cranes 1, 2 and 3

After a competitive selection process was performed, the relocation work was awarded on 5-July-2005 to Noell Konecranes to relocate the three cranes. Crane 1 was the first crane to be removed from service and relocated after which cranes 2 and 3 were relocated...

Future Development




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