Cranes 13-14-15-16

These four (4) quay cranes are the second (2nd) order of Super Post-panama cranes placed into service by Port Miami. They were design to have the capacity to work any operational container vessel and on engineers’ drawing boards. They can reach 22 containers across a ship with a 3% list; 23 wide ships with NO list at Port Miami. They were also designed to work over nine (9) high standard cubes stacks on the ships decks. They are fitted with ABB ACS800 MultiDrive System, AC800M Controller with CMS 7; ZPMC gearboxes, Bubenzer brakes, ZPMC 20/40/45/2-20 65LT Twin-Lift Separating Spreaders and run on the 13.2 KVAC shore power. They can also lift 100 LT under the cargo beam (the “Hook”) which give them the capability to lift special slunged cargo. Below are these cranes’ specifics;

Under Spreader, Single Lift 50LT
Under Spreader, Twin Lift (Rated Load) 65LT
Under Cargo (Hook) Beam (Full travel outreach to backreach) 100LT
Total trolley travel from outer face of fenders

58.2 m    (22+1 wide)

190.7 ft
Outreach from waterside rail 68.0 m 223.1 ft
Backreach from landside rail 26.0 m 85.3 ft
Hoisting height from top of WS rail to underside of spreader 43.0 m 141 ft
Lowering distance (top of WS rail to underside of adjustable spreader) 16.0 m -52.5 ft
Lowering distance (MLWB to underside of adjustable spreader) -12.26 m -40.2 ft
Total hoisting height 59.0 m 193.5 ft
Vertical clearance under portal beam 15.2 m 50 ft
Clearance between legs for passage of containers 18.3 m 60 ft
Maximum overall length (out-to-out of gantry bumpers AKA bumper-to-bumper) can work every other bay 27.0 m 88.5 ft
Operating Speeds:
Hoisting with empty spreader 155 m/min 508 ft/min
Hoisting 65LT (rated Load) with twin-lift spreader 70 m/min 230 ft/min
Hoisting 100LT with cargo beam 30 m/min 98 ft/min
Hoist acceleration with empty spreader 3.5 Sec to 155 m/min 3.5 Sec to 508 ft/min
Hoist acceleration with 65LT (rated load) with Twin Lift Spreader 1.7 Sec to 70 m/min 1.7 Sec to 230 ft/min
Trolley travel speed with rated load (65LT with twin lift spreader) 240 m/min 787 ft/min
Trolley travel acceleration time w/rated load 3.5 Sec to 240 m/min 3.5 Sec to 787 ft/min
Gantry travel 6.0 Sec to 46 m/min 6.0 Sec to 151 ft/min


Future Cranes No. 17-21(?)






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