The New STS Gantry Cranes technical specifications was augmented with new technology requirements. The solicitation tender package is being finalized PortMiami to procure four (4) new cranes with and option of four (4) additional cranes, parts and equipment.



The New STS Gantry Cranes solicitation tender for PortMiami was advertised on February 1, 2018 and proposals were received by April 27, 2018. The tender was posted on BidSync where the Tender Documents and bidding period concluded. As of July 30, 2019, the County’s Selection Committee evaluated the proposals and submitted their findings. Since then negotiation endued and a contract has been consummated for approval by Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners. If there are any questions regarding project, please contact Ms. Basia Pruna (MDC ISD) at [email protected].