Upon completion of loading the cranes and final painting repairs, on July 10, 2013 14:20 the four (4) new Super Post-panamax gantry cranes departed  Changxing Island ZPMC Fabrication base on the Zhen Hua 13 in route to Miami by way of South Africa. The vessel was scheduled to arrive in Miami in early September 2013. However, just a day after departure the weather was not cooperating. The ship drifted north to Korea until a Super Typhoon and a Tropical storm crossed its path to Hong Kong. Already being delayed two (2) weeks by the storms crossing by Taiwan and Guangdong, it arrived on July 23, 2013 for refueling.

The ZH13 departed Hong Kong and its journey was still rough going until it entered the Indian Ocean which crossing was uneventful. However, as it sailed by Madagascar the seas were less than normal and the progress was greatly reduced. Furthermore, upon arrival of the southern coast of Africa, the seas around the cape of Good Hope were impenetrable for most vessels. as such, the ZH13 waited and drifted for two (2) more weeks when the seas finally calmed enough for the ZH13 to sailed by the cape and into the South Atlantic.

The Atlantic crossing was uneventful as well as its course which lead it to the North of the Virgin Islands. The ZH13 crossed the Bahamas south of Freeport just north of Bimini. And, on October 7, 2013 the epic sighting of the ZH13 was just of the Fisher Island.

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