Proposal Due Date: July 31, 2014 at 2:00PM EST

Location: Sealed Quotation Packages are to be submitted to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM) at Port of Miami, 1015 N. America Way, 2nd Floor Reception Desk, Miami, FL 33132 USA.

Announcement  Info: Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM aka Crane Management) announces that it is seeking  professional Gantry Crane Elevator Monthly Maintenance Service for Gantry  Cranes 4-16 (the ‘Cranes’) located on Lummus Island, Port of Miami, Florida, US. The scope of these services includes but is not limited to providing inspections and services in accordance with the latest applicable edition of the Elevator Inspector’s Manual, ASME A17.1, A17-2, and A17-3 using QEI (Quality Elevator Inspector) or Elevator Certificate of Competency Holder. Inspector must provide an Elevator Preventive Maintenance Report and report to PMCM’s Project Engineer or duty foreman before commencing any inspection. Inspector shall witness and assists with all safety tests required by MDC Office of Elevator Safety in accordance with the latest applicable edition of the American Standard Safety Code for Elevators, A17.1.

The Inspector shall supervise the services using a State of Florida Qualified Inspector and Elevator Certificate of Competency Holders for work performed on the elevators herein described. Vendor shall notify Crane Management whenever work is planned or ongoing. Vendor will need to provide test weights and means of moving weights in and out of elevators for safety drop tests.

Upon PMCM receiving proposals and evaluating the proposer’s qualifications and prices, one (1) qualified firm will be retained for a term of one (1) calendar year with an option of four (4) one (1) year renewals at PMCM’s sole discretion.

The work is estimated to be awarded by August 1, 2014.  The successful Contractor is to mobilize and commence Work approximately by Augugt 4, 2014. Experience and Qualifications: The proposer must confirm in their proposal that they have been in business for a minimum of one (1) years, is qualified to perform the work specified in the RFP and must provide a list of similar projects successfully completed, including references. The proposer must also provide affidavit of Elevator Maintenance Coverage to Miami Dade County GSA Office of Elevator Safety – phone 305-375-1577, copies to be provided to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc. Liability Insurance copies to be provided by the Inspection Company to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., before any work is performed. Vendor must procure Miami-Dade Seaport ID and or TWIC permit prior to first day of service. The details and any additional requirements are specified in the RFP package. Miscellaneous: The package will be available on July 16, 2013. To obtain the RFP package and/or with any questions regarding this procurement, please contact Terrence Kelsey at [email protected] or (305) 380-6250, ext-210.

A “Cone of Silence” is imposed by PMCM upon advertisement of the RFP and terminates at the time Crane Management issues a written notification of intent to award contract. The Cone of Silence prohibits communication regarding the RFP or bids between potential vendors, service providers, bidders, lobbyists or consultants and Crane Management’s professional staff including, but not limited to Crane Management employees and Crane Management’s Consultant. The Cone of Silence also extends to those individuals of agencies supporting the Company in this solicitation.