PMCM RFP 2013.04 Relocation of Port Miami Cranes 4 and 5

Deadline to Submit Proposal: April 18, 2013 at 3:30PM EST

Sealed Bided Instructions: Sealed bids in accordance with Florida Statute Chapter 287 shall be delivered by 3:30 PM EST on the closing date (deadline) to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., at 1015 North America Way, 2nd Floor Main Lobby (front desk), Miami, Florida 33132, USA.

Solicitation: Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM, aka Crane Management) is seeking qualified and experienced firms for the relocation of PortMiami’s Gantry Cranes 4 and 5. The services to be provided are detailed in RFP 2013.04, Relocation of PortMiami Gantry Cranes 4 and 5. Experience and qualification is a requirement of submitting a proposal, as well as insurance requirements. The interested Proposer must confirm in its proposal that the proposing company and proposer’s personnel to work on this project must have extensive experience in the same type of work as described in the RFP. The information regarding the experience and qualification(s) of the Proposer must be noted in detail in the proposal to include description of the previous type of cranes that were relocated, the process used, the time the cranes were out of service and references.

Additional details and requirements are specified in the RFP package.

All interested experienced and qualified companies are encouraged to contact Crane Management to obtain the RFP package copy, which will be provided in a “PDF” Format via e-mail. The package can be directly obtained by forwarding an e-mail request to Ms. Nancy Simon at [email protected].

The work is estimated to be awarded by April 19, 2013. The successful Contractor is to mobilize and commence work immediately on the relocation of Gantry Cranes 4 and 5 no later than May 13, 2013.

A “Cone of Silence” is imposed by PMCM upon advertisement of the RFP and terminates at the time Crane Management issues a written notification of intent to award contract. The Cone of Silence prohibits communication regarding the RFP or bids between potential vendors, service providers, bidders, lobbyists or consultants and Crane Management’s professional staff including, but not limited to Crane Management employees, Consultant, and Port Miami personnel.