Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc. (PMCM), is seeking qualified structural steel services VENDOR with experience in performing structural repairs, welding, and painting of industrial steel structures. VENDOR must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in structural repairs, welding, and painting of metal structures at great heights; preferably previous experience in repairing steel structures of gantry cranes upper frame and stays. Documented proof of the above must be submitted with the quote.

Work is to be performed on top and bottom of the crane’s waterside pylon backstay, which is approximately 270 feet above ground level; therefore, all VENDOR personnel performing the work must be able to work at great heights and in confined spaces. The VENDOR shall follow all safety procedures in the execution of the work to ensure a safe environment for the personnel performing the work. All safety devices for personnel, workers, and leadsmen shall be provided by VENDOR

VENDOR shall also provide all necessary materials, labor, tools, equipment, and supervision to include any high-reach stick crane, personnel platform, man baskets, etc., to perform all necessary work. Any replacement parts and/or components shall be of identical specification to the part and/or component being replaced. The VENDOR shall submit for approval any required part or component to be used in the repair to include the welding rod type and welding procedure.

VENDOR should provide with the quote, copies of their Welders Certification to PMCM.  All welding shall be performed by a qualified welder, in accordance with AWS  D 1.1, typical. In addition, VENDOR shall also provide an on-site NDT and Report of 100% MT, which shall be identified and reviewed by PMCM,  to determine acceptable welding repairs. Then, VENDOR shall submit a final report with seal stamp within 24 hours.

VENDOR quoting on this RFQ shall visit gantry crane 12 and site, to become familiar with existing conditions, required access, wharf, and scope of work to be performed. Site Visit is August 12, 2014 at 10:00 am.

It is understood that the VENDOR will be responsible for providing the quoted services, items and components as specified in this RFQ. Any deviation of the services, material(s), part(s) and/or component(s) specifications shall render the VENDOR disqualified to provide said items. As a result, PMCM shall have the option to reject the quotation or all quotations of services and items at no liability.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION DEADLINE August 14, 2014 by 11:00 am (EST). Submit all questions in writing via E-mail to Mr. Terrence Kelsey at TDK @ cranemgt.com.