Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM aka Crane Management) is soliciting for Proposers to demolish and construct the necessary structures to fabricate and install new Gantry Crane Storm Tie-downs to relocate Cranes 15 and 16 on the existing Wharf II container cranes’ handling wharves located on the South side of the Lummus Island container terminal. The project  consist of, but not limited to: demolition and removal of existing asphalt and concrete pavement, excavation of crushed limestone and sub-base material; construction of new concrete tie foundations on auger cast piles, with tie-downs, connection of tie down drain leaders to adjacent, existing PVC drainage piping, fabrication and installation of tie down hardware including steel cover plates; backfill and compaction of sub base and crushed limestone, and the patching, repairing and striping of existing pavement removed or damaged by construction. Proposers are solicited to submit their qualifications, experience, schedule and proposed methods to perform the work. Time is critical and work shall be completed preferably prior to June 1, 2019. The bid package will be available on March 15, 2019 and can be obtained by contacting Crane Management at 305-381-6250, x-210, Mr. Terrence Kelsey or e-mail [email protected]. The bidding period shall close on April 18, 2019 at 3:30PM EST. All interested organizations are encouraged to contact Crane Management as noted herein.