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Currently, Crane Management operates from its Maintenance Facility located on the eastern-most end of Lummus Island of Port Miami, next to Biscayne Bay Pilot station.

Our highly qualified staff of professionals and technical personnel has numerous years of experience on ship-to-shore gantry crane design, engineering, fabrication, management, maintenance, repairs and operations.

PMCM Personnel 
Office Main Telephone No.: (305) 381-6250, 6263, 6255, 8832 + extension
Office hours are M-F 6:00am to 3:30pm
Shop hours are M-F 6:00 am to 3:00pm
Dispatch Office is operational during ship work hours


Ed Bello Chief Executive Officer    (c) 786-295-3183 x-206
Keisha Hodge Executive Assistant x-203
Elba Mateo-Torres Operations Manager (c) 786-546-8675 x-205
Manuel Cabrera Crane Project Engineer Manager (c) 786-232-5549 x-204
Humberto Fuentes Crane Maintenance Manager (c) 786-599-4095 x-209
Bing Lin Crane Electrical Engineer  (c) 786-251-9353 x-202
Patricia Mendoza Data Analyst-Management Assistant x-211
Tom Opfar Maintenance Foreman (c) 786-295-0335 x-207
Rick Pruett Maintenance Foreman    (c) 786-201-3213 x-213
Waldo Tapanes Maintenance Foreman    (c)  786-295-2286 x-214
Crane Ops Dispatch Mechanics Trailer x-215

Administrative Support – Seaport Personnel
Main No.: (305) 347-4800 (office hours are M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Juan Lopez Controller 305-960-5432
Gyselle Pino Chief of Procurement 305-347-4808
Andrew Warburton Assistant Controller 305-960-5432
Lynda LaCentra Safety and Security 305-347-4804
Patricia Thomas Risk Management 305-960-5440
Terrence Kelsey Purchasing 305-381-6250, x-210
Carrissa Holborow Contracts 305-347-4921
David Fung-On Accounting 305-347-4822
David Faluade Crane Contract Administrator/AP 305-347-4817
Michelle Thames IT Support 305-347-4800