Cranes 4-5-6 are currently the oldest STS Gantry Cranes at PortMiami which were placed into operations in 1988. In 2005 the cranes were electrified by replacing the diesel generator power by installing new 13.2KV shore power. Soon after, the cranes’ drive and controls system along with PLC and CMS were replaced and new state-of-the-art equipment was installed, commissioned and the cranes were placed into service in 2007. Thereafter, the cranes went thru full NDT inspections, repairs and painting. In addition, since it has been a more than a few years, the cranes had some of its critical areas repainted which work is in progress to be completed by the Summer of 2018. However, in between these major works, commencing in 2016, we have refurbished the operator cabins, install new trolley wheels and gearboxes as needed as well as numerous other minor works to maintain the cranes in optimal operating condition.

This project, ‘Cranes 4-5-6 Reconditioning and Refurbishment’ completes the Reconditioning and Refurbishment which encompasses the following works that are being performed by the OEM Kocks Krane International and our ILA Mechanics;

  1. Replacement of Boom Hoist Sheaves and Bearings
  2. Replacement of the Main Hoist Barrel Couplings and Bearings
  3. Realignment of Trolley and Wheels
  4. Repair Trolley Wheel Supports
  5. Refurbishment of Maintenance Hoists