Crane Management originally advertised for proposals for Electrification of Cranes 7-10 and Repairs. However, as the first ‘go around’  of proposal(s) only generated one (1) proposal which was rejected, it reduced tyhe scope of work and re-packaged the bid to only perform the Electrification of Cranes 7-10 . However, the second time around the bids did not generate any improvement over the first ‘go around’  and only received one (1) bid which bid was rejected as the cost was unjustifiable. As such, the Port requested Crane Management to directly perform the work to electrifing Cranes 7-10. However before then, the Unit Sunstations on cranes 9-10 need to be repaired as they were damaged during the June 5, 2009 Storm. This repair work commenced on June 27, 2011 which we anticipate to remove the substations from the cranes commencing June 6, 2011.

Starting on June 6, 2011, Cranes 9-10 will be removed from service for several days to allow for removal of the Unit Substations that require repair before the Electrification of the cranes can be completed. The cranes will be returned to service no later than July 13, 2011.

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