After contractual agreements were consummated by the Seaport with contractor the electrification of the Port’s gantry cranes 4-10 commenced in July 2004. The civil works commenced first while the crane work was performed by ECC (East Coast Cranes) beginning in August 2004. All work under contract was completed by 30-November-2005 to include the complete electrification of cranes 4-5-6 allowing these cranes to be operationally ready.

The civil work of the electrification included construction and installation of new cable trench, strengthening of the crane rail support beam, new storm tie-downs for cranes 11-12, electrical underground duct banks, manholes, electrical pits, new fenders and electrical switchgear room which electrical power was provided directly from a new electric vault built for the utility company. This civil work was completed at Wharf 3, 4 and 5. Wharf 2 was not constructed since the required dredging work was not completed prior to this work commencement.

The other phase of the electrification encompassed the crane components installation, startup, commissioning, testing and certification. All this work was performed on all cranes with the exception of startup, commissioning, testing and certification on cranes 7-10 since the civil work was not constructed at Wharf 2. As a result, cranes 4-5-6 are currently running on electric power from the new electric power vault.