The 2011 electrification project is designed to complete the Electrification of the Port of Miami Gantry Cranes which project commenced in 2004; known as Phase 1. During Phase 1 the required equipment was mounted and installed on cranes 4-10 but due to scheduling and time restrains, only cranes 4-6 were converted to electrical powered and the diesel engine power systems removed.

The 2011 electrification is Phase 2 of the Electrification Project which is comprised of two (2) parts; the Landside Work was managed directly by the Port’s Capital Development Division and the Crane Work which is directly managed by Crane Management. In addition, the repairs of the Unit Substations are required to be performed simultaneously which work must be completed prior to the actual electrification of the cranes; the Crane Work.

Landside Work

The landside work was completed on September 20, 2011.

Storm Repairs

The Unit Sunstations on cranes 9-10 that were damaged during the June 5, 2009 Storm were repaired and reinstalled on the cranes on December 20, 2011. The substations were removed from the cranes  on June 5, 2011 which repair work commenced there after.