Several years in the making, cranes 11-12 have been procured by Miami-Dade County Port of Miami to provide its customers with the require service for the new millennium. These cranes are designed with our customer’s requirements in mind of their future needs to work 22 wide container ships and lift 65 long tons under a twin lift mode spreader. They augment the currently operating cranes 1-10 with added lifting capacity as well as cycle time.

Cranes No. 11-12 were designed and fabricated by ZPMC in Shanghai, China where every phase was overseen by Crane Management, GBB and World Crane Service. To prepare for effective management and maintenance of these state-of-the-art cranes, Crane Management sent four (4) of our best Technicians and Mechanics to ZPMC’s Changxing Base while the cranes were in the commissioning phase. Their task was to become knowledgeable and efficient in maintaining the cranes as well as insuring the cranes were configured to our requirements. After resolving all issues and commissioning was completed at Changxing Base; the fully erected cranes were shipped on 2-Nov-2004. Thereafter, commencement of the New Year, the cranes arrived in Miami on 4-January-2005.

Upon arrival, the Zhen Hua 4 was berthed at Wharf 3 were the cranes were unloaded in a few days time. Soon after, work started to prepare the cranes for final commissioning. Once the preparation was completed, the final testing and certification were performed. And, on 20-May-2005 the two cranes commenced commercial operation at the Port of Miami.

Along with the new cranes on the Zhen Hua 4, the Port of Miami took delivery of four (4) new operator cabins for cranes 7-10, two (2) sets, eight in total, of trolley wheels for cranes 8 and 10, four (4) new 50LT Twin-lift 20/40/45 Spreaders for the existing cranes 4-10, a 50LT Over-height Adaptor, and, a 75LT Cargo Beam with three (3) 65LT Twin-lift 20/40/45 Spreader for the new cranes. For technical details please see Crane Data, Cranes No. 11-12.