Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc. (PMCM), is seeking a qualified hydraulic service company to refurbish the anti-snag and main hoist emergency brakes hydraulic system on gantry cranes 11 & 12. Vendor must have extensive experience in performing these types of services on the same type of equipment or similar industrial hydraulic systems.  Vendor must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in hydraulic systems maintenance and repairs.  Qualified Vendor technicians MUST be capable to work at great heights and in confined spaces such as, but not limited to the trolley machinery house.    It is understood that the vendor will be responsible for providing  all necessary materials, equipment, and labor to perform all necessary required work herein. Any deviation of the services, material(s), part(s), and/or component(s) specifications shall render the Vendor disqualified. As a result, PMCM shall have the option to reject the quotation at no liability.  Please deliver your quotation package in a SEALED ENVELOPE  to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc. (PMCM); Attention: Terrance Kelsey, C/O PortMiami, 1015 North America Way, 2nd Floor Reception, Miami, Florida 33132 by August 11, 2014 @ 2:00PM .  Request for information deadline will be August 6, 2014 by 11:00AM (EST). The RFQ package can be obtained by contacting Terrance Kelsey. Please submit all questions in writing via email to:  [email protected] .