the Fabrication of Port of Miami Gantry Cranes 13-16


PMCM RFP 2012.01

Port Project No. 2012-002

Proposal Due Date:   November 7, 2011 at 15:30 EDT (Miami, Florida, USA)

Location:    Sealed Technical Qualifications and Price Proposal packages are to be submitted to Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM) at; Port of Miami, 1015 N. America Way, 2nd Floor Front Desk, Miami, FL 33132 USA

Announcement Info:     Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM aka Crane Management) announces that professional services are needed for the inspection of the manufacturing of dockside (ship-to-shore) container handling gantry cranes (Quay Cranes) and components including design review assistance, fabrication, assembly, erection, testing, and commissioning at ZPMC’s (the “Contractor”) Changxing Base and other facilities as required by this RFP and the Technical Specifications for Cranes 13-16.

The scope of these services includes but is not limited to furnishing of all labor, supervision and testing as specified in RFP 2012.01 package. The Services to be provided include but are not limited to;

  1. The office of the Third (3rd) Party Inspection (3PI) firm shall be located in Shanghai’s (China) Pudong area near or at ZPMC’s manufacturing facility on Changxing Island and have a permanent office at Changxing base.
  2. The 3PI shall be responsible for monitoring and inspecting all work of the Contractor and its Vendors to include the Sub Contractors’ work at their facilities and upon delivery of parts and components at ZPMC facility(s) to verify compliance with the Technical Specifications and Quality Assurance requirements of the Contractors contract.  
  3. A Project Manager shall be provided for the life of the Contract which shall be based in the 3PI Shanghai office and shall oversee, manage and coordinate all inspection, testing services and work associated with this Contract.
  4. Provide one (1) Lead Inspector, one (1) full time Inspector, and two (2) part time Inspectors during fabrication of the cranes at Changxing Base, including during the processes of material preparation, assembly, testing, commissioning, loadout and shipment. Provide one (1) full time Inspector at each of the Contractor’s and Sub Contractors’ manufacturing facilities where the different crane components shall be manufactured and shipped to Changxing Base.
  5. Submit inspection reports in the English language with pictures of items identified in the report on a weekly basis to PMCM and the CPE (Crane Program Engineer – GBB) every Thursday. All reports and documentation shall be provided in ‘pdf’ format via emails. Order format shall be provided upon request by PMCM. Written and picture documents shall be provided in US Letter size 8.5” x 11” format. Drawings shall be provided in US Tabloid size 11” x 17” format. Larger size drawings (shop/fabrication drawings) may be provided as approved by PMCM.
  6. The 3PI will assist PMCM and the CPE during Commissioning and Testing at the manufacturing facility.  The 3PI will witness Commissioning and Acceptance Testing in accordance with PMCM/CPE accepted/reviewed acceptance test procedures, and report to PMCM and CPE any specification noncompliance issues found during Commissioning and Testing.


Experience and Qualifications: The Proposer must confirm in its proposal that:

  1. The 3PI shall have a minimum of seven (7) years of continuous experience in the inspection services as herein stated of dockside container handling gantry cranes and cargo handling equipment at ZPMC’s Changxing Base as well as at the other ZPMC/vendor facilities at Changzhou, Jiangyin, Nantong, Nanhui, Gongye Yuan and other facilities.
  2. The Project Manager for these services shall have a minimum of five (5) years of direct employment with the 3PI and of continuous on-site experience of the tasks herein stated, at ZPMC’s Changxing Base manufacturing facility as well as all other ZPMC facilities. The manager shall additionally have five (5) years experience working with all ZPMC vendors and quay crane parts and component suppliers used for the Port of Miami project.
  3. The inspectors employed by the 3PI for this project shall have a minimum of five (5) years experience of continuous on-site experience of the tasks herein stated, at ZPMC’s Changxing Base manufacturing facility as well as all other ZPMC facilities and a minimum of two (2) years of continuous employment with the 3PI. The 3PI shall coordinate all work with PMCM Project Engineer or designee and assist as required with design review and with all Contractor submittals. 


The details and any additional requirements are specified in the RFP package.

Miscellaneous: The package will be available on September 30, 2011. To obtain the RFP package and/or with any questions regarding this procurement, please contact Gyselle Pino at [email protected] or 001-305-347-4833.

A “Cone of Silence” is imposed by PMCM upon advertisement of the RFP and terminates at the time Crane Management issues a written notification of intent to award contract. The Cone of Silence prohibits communication regarding the RFP or bids between potential vendors, service providers, bidders, lobbyists or consultants and Crane Management’s professional staff including, but not limited to Crane Management employees and Crane Management’s Consultant. The Cone of Silence also extends to those individuals of agencies supporting the Company in this solicitation.