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Since August 5, 2002, Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc., (PMCM, AKA “Crane Management”) has been responsible for the management and maintenance of the County’s PortMiami gantry cranes and container handling equipment. Our primary goal is to increase crane operational efficiency and reduce downtime by continuously enhancing the maintenance program, establishing new procedures and implementing cost effective maintenance measures.

On August 4, 2012 Crane Management commenced its tenth (10th) year of operation providing PortMiami and its maritime community with the required services that has resulted in greatly improved crane reliability, throughput efficiency, capacity and expert assistance to include project management of gantry cranes’ and cargo handling related work. This was clearly realized by the reduction of overall crane downtime which commenced in 2007 (1.08% FY 2006-2007) and it resulted in an all-time low in 2010 of 0.46%. With emphasis on proactive planning, predictive maintenance scheduling, effective maintenance and implementation of refurbishment programs, crane downtime continues to be at its lowest with a 0.60% in 2012. In 2013 and 2014 as we received and broke-in the four (4) new Super Post-panama cranes, we continue to maintain the same downtime levels. However, we acquire new state of the art cranes greater emphasis and improvement of the preventive maintenance program is at the forefront of our goals.

On July 17, 2012 the Board of County Commissioners approved a new five (5) year contract with Crane Management awarding Crane Management with the capability to providing these critical services to the County, its citizens and the Maritime Industry of South Florida.

Unlike August 2004 and October 2004 which were the busiest crane usage months on record at the PortMiami, fiscal years 2007-08 and 2008-09 experienced the lowest usage recorded since the late 1990′s. As the downward trend in overall crane usage reached its lowest levels in 2008-09, an upturn was realized by the end of fiscal year 2009-2010 end when crane usage commenced a steady climb which was more pronounced in 2011. In 2012 we started and continue to have lower hours than 2011 but yet higher than 2008, 2009 and 2010. The beginning of 2013 showed a bit higher crane usage with very low downtime as compared to last year. However, upon commencement of 2013 second quarter in May, a new service started which  vessels are the largest to call on Port Miami, stacking 17 containers wide and as many as 7 containers high on deck. This was possible as PortMiami was prepared for the larger Super Post-panama vessels with cranes 11 and 12, and now in 2014 the New Gantry Cranes 13-16 further increases crane availability and efficient operations of any size container ship to call on Port Miami.

Crane Management continually strives for excellence by providing the required proactive preventive maintenance, scheduled crane repairs, project management and upgrading of outdated systems. Our staff’s number one goal is to meet the needs of PortMiami’s customer by providing the best quality management and technical services that resulted in greater crane efficiency while insuring the safety of the employees: SAFETY FIRST. Our emphasis and diligent work in safety has resulted in reducing the workman’s compensation rate by half of that rate we inherent in 2002 inhereited.

Work in Progress

As we commenced 2014 we found ourselves primarily working on integrating the new cranes into PortMiami operations and maintenance program. However, several of the major projects we are assisting with such as the Electrification of Wharf 6 and crane hurricane tiedowns are nearing completion. Currently, commencing with the new 2014 year we find ourselves working on numerous projects which are listed Work in Progress and Projects.

  • Crane Status

    All Port Miami cranes are operational; Cranes 8-9-10 on Wharves 1 and 2, Cranes 16-15-14-13-11-12-7 on Wharves 2, 3, 4 & 5 and Cranes 6-5-4 on Wharf 6. The Wharf Strengthening work is complete and operations are back to normal. Final Acceptance of the 4 new cranes has been accomplished.

    NEXT MAJOR WORK will be the refurbishment of the hydraulic system for anti-snag and the main hoist emergency brakes on cranes 11-12. This work will be scheduled to be performed within the next few months.

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